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Benefits of Wooden Cold Press Mustard Oil

by Pankaj, 22 Aug 2023

1. Immunity Booster-Makes our body resistant to pathogens (virus, bacteria

2.Healthy heart due to presence of mono saturated poly unsaturated and omega fatty acids.

3.Rich source of antioxidants which decreases aging.

4.Rich source of Vitamin K.C.E make it great for skin and hair nourishment.

5.Rich source of protein.

6.Helps in the prevention of deadly diseases like cancer, cardio vascular
disorders like heart failure, blood pressure, diabetes and many more fatal

7.Makes our respiratory system strong and resistant to infections as musta
oil is anti-bacterialanti fungal and anti inflammatory.

8.Good for relief in artrits, joint pains and to have healthy bones.

"Making a switch from regular oil to cold pressed oil can be difficult and
expensive, but this little transformation can make a big difference to yo
health and well being"